Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unintended consequences

After several scandals, the US has decided to mandate lead testing for all items that may come in contact with children.

As this Bookblog entry explains, the regulation was written so sloppily that it may put US-based used book stores out of business. All of them.

More information is available from The Consumerist, including further side effects.

If you have any information suggesting that this policy is not the lunacy it appears to be, please post it in the comments below.

Update: From Bookshopblog - "EDIT: as of 1/8/09 CPSC has issued an exemption for second hand dealers. New books are STILL not exempted, but step in right directionm (sic). (and no guarantee they won’t change their mind again)"


GaryBusey4Prez said...

This law also prohibits the sale of second-hand children's toys, consequently resulting in unprecedented misery felt by both the 'collectible action-figure' market and its collective investors.

Won't someone think of the comic book guys?!

Stray Silvers said...

Thankfully, the law was (very recently) amended to specifically exclude second-hand items.